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Are you exploring what could potentially be next for your career in Software Development? We can help! Gravitas Group are an award-winning Technology recruitment agency, offering high-quality services and opportunities to job seekers in Singapore, with industry-leading organisations in Banking and Insurance.

If you are starting out your career as a Junior Developer or are looking to progress further as a Full-Stack Developer, our expert team offer career and skills guidance, providing market insight across specialist areas including Front Office Developer, Quant Developer, RAD Developer, System Analyst, Full-Stack Developer and Front-End Development.

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In-demand Developer positions

Front Office Developer

Front Officer Developers have a responsibility in providing end-to-end development of in-house software applications for the Front Office. This includes working with clients to gather requirements, design, build and launch applications, making sure service is of best practice delivery. As a collaborative position, successful Developers will be expected to have good communication skills, with an ability to explain technically and non-technically across departments.

In Front Office, low latency programming is ideal. In some organisations, there may be more specialist Developers depending on market need. For example, Equity Derivative Developers have increased in demand.

Quantitative (Quant) Developer

Quant Developers are specialists in optimising or implementing trading algorithms, building banking models & tools as well as suggesting technical solutions to improve business outcomes.

Developers will be confident in their market knowledge to identify opportunity in potential trading applications and help in executing them, using programming languages such as Java, C++ and Python. They will also have a high capability in analytics and problem-solving. 

RAD Developer (Rapid Application Development)

A key part of the Front Office function, RAD Developers build applications in order to enhance RAD tools to optimise activities, productivity and outcomes. They will be involved in the end-to-end process, from requirements gathering with the RAD team, design, test and deployment. They will also provide maintenance of these applications. Programming skills are commonly across C#, Python and/or VBA.

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System Analyst

Depending on the organisation, as well as the business need, System Analysts will vary in their responsibilities. Predominantly, they will fulfil a technical role in evaluating an organisation’s system and its processes and suggest improvements on how the system can be optimise to better suit the business need.

This role may merge duties typically expected of Business Analyst, Developer and Vendor Manager. For example, their technical expertise may see them as being ‘hands on’ to provide maintenance, updates or troubleshooting but will also have strong capabilities requirements gathering across the business.

Front End Developer

Front End Developers create and manage visual design, framework elements of an application or website and the interaction users will have with these applications, using programming languages HMTL, CSS and JavaScript. They will also be expected to test, improve and problem solve any bug issues that make occur.

Full Stack Developer 

Full Stack Developers combine skillsets from front-end and back-end development expertise to become an overall technical expert across applications and website database management.

To become a full-stack developer takes long-term progression, patience and upskilling. For example, they will have excellent skills in both front-end programming languages (HMTL, CSS and JavaScript) and back-end languages (SQL, PHP and Python), focusing on the user-interface and server side of applications or websites.

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Top tips to get hired in Software Development

Expert advice from Associate Director, Dietrich Yap


Be familiar with technical tests

Expect there to be technical tests during the interview process when you apply for a new role! Hiring Managers are finding technical tests as useful tools in testing technical ability and problem-solving skills. Stay prepared by practicing with tests such as Codility, Harkerank and Leetcode so you can identify your strengths, but more importantly the areas you may need to improve.

Highlight your technical expertise

Software Development is a highly technical role, where you will need to showcase to Hiring Managers how your abilities will fit into their team. On your CV, ensure you are giving a detailed overview across all your technical skills, and don’t miss out on the soft skills!

Building a great portfolio

A portfolio is effective in showcasing your skills, project examples and the impact you have made in previous workplaces. Software development projects will be different from business to business, so Hiring Managers will be interested in discovering if you have worked on similar projects that they are embarking on, where you can provide knowledge or if there are transferrable skills to offer.  

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