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If you are considering a new job opportunity, look no further. Gravitas are Banking recruitment specialists, providing an unrivalled service to assist you in finding your next role. From industry and market knowledge, skillset guidance and interview preparation, find out how we can support you in finding your next temporary, contract and permanent in Singapore.

Across Accounting & Finance, we assist Accountants and Financial individuals in M&A, Treasury, Asset & Liability Management, Product Control, Valuation, Financial Audit as well as Reporting across Financial, Management, Regulatory and Investment.

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In demand Accounting & Finance roles

From junior to management opportunities, some of the most popular roles we recruit for include:

  • Accountant

  • Finance Officer

  • Finance Manager

  • Treasurer

  • Production Manager

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting is a key process in the Finance industry, as companies must demonstrate to authorities that they are compliant with legal requirements, providing best practice services and overall operating within law within their operations and activities.

Regulatory Reporting professionals are responsible for overseeing this process and checking operations are compliant through evaluation, inspection, and risk management. They must have a reliable knowledge of Banking services and products, as well as activities to monitor activity and keep operations transparent to regulators.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting collects, documents and analyses a bank’s financial activities which will be reported to external shareholders, investors and stakeholders to evaluate the bank’s financial health as well as making important business decisions.

Financial Reporting professionals are well-trusted to not only manage the financial reporting process, but also the organisation’s activities, financial health and providing guidance towards improvement across these areas. In a similar activity to Regulatory Reporting, Financial reporting individuals will provide regular reports to regulatory authorities.

Fund Accountant

Fund Accountants are responsible for a business’s day to day accounting activities. They will oversee financial performance in transactions and procedures, making sure statements are compliant with financial regulations.

A further part of their role is administrative activities in preparing accounts and reporting/recording investment funds, alongside investment portfolio management. Rather than a numerical role, they will monitor data within these tasks.

Using their expertise, they will offer support in decision making for successful funding and implementation of funding structures.


Treasurers will be an important figure in an organisation in managing their finances, including day-to-day activities in cash flow management, risk evaluation and contributing to decision-making. Whilst having a similar role to an Accountant, Treasurers have a different role through optimising cash flow management, to align with desired business objectives.

To be a successful Treasurer, its key to have financial market knowledge and risk management to apply to business strategy. They will be close to the business and its leaders, so relationship management and good communication skills are a must-have.

Top Tips for a career in Accounting & Finance

Expert advice from Associate Director, Dietrich Yap


Achieve your qualifications

To have a successful career in Accounting and Finance, one essential part to add to your career development is working towards a qualification. Many organisations and their roles for this specialist area will require a qualification, as it demonstrates a commitment to learning the right experience for the presented job role and an ability to deliver a best practice service.

Before embarking on your career, conduct research into what qualifications are essential for your future and prepare a plan in achieving them.  

Numerical and analytical

Numbers, calculation, and analysis are the fundamental skillset for accounting. It is important that not only are you confident in working with numbers and problem-solving, but that it is something you are passionate about. Be open in developing your skills in these areas, so you can build your confidence and add high-quality value to any organisation you work in.  

Keeping calm

Finance and Accounting professionals will commonly work within a high-pressure environment. To succeed in this position, you must have resilience and the ability to keep calm, so you can continue working effectively as possible without being affected by stress.

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