Data is a highly interesting career to explore, offering an array of interesting specialist areas and exciting projects. Gravitas Group are motivated in helping Data professionals with their Tech career ambitions, matching them to the most relevant opportunities across the Finance, Commercial and Insurance sectors in Singapore.  

Our team operates in niche markets, including Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Protection, Data Governance and more; allowing our consultants to build strong networks of Data professionals and deliver personalised recruitment services that make your job search smooth and successful.  

Our clients are hiring across the following specialist areas:

Data Science

Data Science has made waves of transformation in the technology space, unlocking new opportunities for business to improve their decision making by enhancing the way they use data. Data Science combines methodology, algorithms, mathematics, and statistics to gather and interpret large datasets (Big Data).

Key positions in Data Science are typically: 

  • Data Scientist

  • Big Data Engineer

  • Machine Learning Engineer

Across Data Science positions, it is essential to have programming skills in Python, SQL and R. Other in-demand skills include machine learning, statistical analysis and data mining.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & MI) 

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are vital areas within Data Science, helping organisations achieve meaningful insights in the creation of intelligent systems to collect and process data.

There is a market demand for roles such as:

  • Data Scientist

  • Machine Learning Engineer 

  • AI Specialist

Professionals in these areas will create algorithms for systems to mimic human reasoning, such as abilities to predict, problem-solve, identify patterns, and make decisions.

Data Engineering 

Data Engineers will build suitable systems or suites to modify or optimise data insights and analytics. Responsibilities may include building an on-prem Datawarehouse, or streaming data pipelines. Following project work, they will conduct maintenance, improvements and perform tests on its performance.

The demand for Data Engineers has increased following data transformation projects and digitalisation. Organisations are furthering their use in cloud platforms, using Data Engineers to develop systems towards AWS or Azure platforms.

Data Engineers may also work with Data Integration Engineers to administer, test and modify computer databases.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the process of gathering and exploring performance insights for organisations to help them with effective decision making and defining business strategy. Data Analysts will create reporting, identify patterns or trends as well as use data modelling to interpret what the data is showing and suggest improvements.

Data Analyst skillsets are built around business intelligence, using data visualisation tools (such as Tableau, Excel and Power BI) and statistical analysis to interpret datasets.

Data Protection, Data Governance & Quality

Regulatory bodies enforce data protection policies to organisations, to ensure data is being used correctly and private data is protected, for the safety of employees, partners and customers. Data Governance will ensure organisations are compliant with these policies and that they are following suitable processes to collect, store, use and dispose data.

There will be key officers in organisations who will manage compliance and governance, including:

  • Data Protection Officer

  • GDPR Officer

They will use their expertise to implement procedures and provide suitable training across the business for awareness.

Top tips for a career in Data & Analytics

Expert advice from Associate Director, Dietrich Yap

Become a master in data

Developing your skillset in mathematics, statistics and programming is not enough. By pursuing an advanced degree or putting time into certifications can help you stand out in the data market and boost your chances of getting hired.

A bonus to this? You’ll significantly enhance your skills, show a true passion in proactive learning as well as increase the chances of securing new promotions!

Data can be a hobby as well

If you have a true passion for data and you are interested in learning more, consider data as a hobby by creating side projects or building a portfolio. Especially by implementing time into an area that is of particular interest to yourself or related to your field of work you, it will be enjoyable and easy to do!

Be an active member of the data community

Take time in connecting with other data professionals and recruiters in your industry. Networking can help showcase as well as develop your knowledge, through attending conferences & webinars and getting involved in online forums. There will also be opportunities for learning more about job prospects, new skills or follow business leaders to inspire your own career development

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