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Top infrastructure and cybersecurity roles in demand


IT Infrastructure are the components across software, applications, hardware, and networks used to manage IT environments. Professionals in infrastructure will have a manual role, providing maintenance, updates, upgrades and deployments of new systems and its features. Key roles include:

  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Solution Architect
  • 3rd Line Engineer
  • Field Engineer
  • IT Administrator
  • Application Support
  • QA Analyst
  • Incident Management

They will have technical knowledge with EUC technologies such as Office365 and Windows, server and systems such as VMware or Linux, as well as certifications such as ITIL to deliver effective IT services. 

Cyber Security

As technology rapidly advances, cyber threats take on new forms and pose a higher scale of pressure to digital security systems worldwide. Core banking technology, networks, cloud and on-premise infrastructures, web and mobile apps all require constant security and proactive risk management to safeguard against penetration and to protect private and vital data. 

This is why our partners in the Banking, Insurance and commercial industries invest heavily in their Cyber Security operations, engineering, architecture, and governance. Cyber Security is a crucial aspect of sustainable business, and our partners are always on the lookout for top Cyber professionals. Key professions in Cyber Security are:

  • Security Operations Analyst / Specialist / Consultant
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist
  • IT Risk / Audit 
  • IT Governance
  • Cyber Security / IT Security Engineer
  • Security Architects (Cloud and On-Prem)
  • Network Security Engineers

With the growing Cyber Security threat in Asia, this is a crucial role in protecting organisations. Cyber Security individuals must have skills in risk management and governance, and achieved qualifications such as CISM, NIST or CISMP in their career. 

Network Infrastructure 

A main part of IT infrastructure, Network Infrastructure, comprises of hardware and software that allows network connectivity between systems, devices and users. The three types of Network Infrastructure include wireless, wired and hybrid. 

Common roles in this area includes:

  • Network Engineer
  • Network Architect
  • Network Administrator (System administrator)
  • IT operations
  • IT Managers

Successful networking positions typically require a certification, such as CCNA, CompTIA Work+ or Microsoft Azure Network Engineer.

IT Support

IT Support individuals provide assistance to users with IT issues. Some IT Support roles are positioned internally, helping employees or customers as part of the business, or externally through a third-party company. 

IT Support teams vary between organisations. Smaller organisations may have an overall specialist who can provide solutions across all issues regardless of complexity. For example:

  • IT Support Engineer.
  • Application Specialists
  • Application Support Analyst
  • SAP Application support
  • FO/MO/BO Application support analyst
  • Application Support Officer

Other organisations will have wider teams with more specific roles that respond to different levels of issues:

  • First-Line Engineers will respond to basic issues.
  • Second-Line Engineers will respond technical support.
  • Third-Line Engineers will respond to high-level or complex queries.

For best practice, Hiring Managers are more likely to hire IT Support individuals with an ITIL qualification to deliver efficient IT services. 


Top tips to get hired in Infrastructure and Cyber Security

Expert advice from Associate Director, Dietrich Yap 


Tailor your CV to the role to really stand out

Gone are the days of sending one version of your CV out for many different opportunities. In a competitive job market, Hiring Managers are always looking for the very best fit for their role, which is where your CV comes in. See how you can present your experiences and skills in a direct, value-adding way to the opportunity at hand, and you’ll stand out from the crowd. 

Haven’t tried networking before? Get involved!

If you’re a subject matter expert, leverage your contacts. Try emerging yourself in community groups, industry events or webinars to learn more about your potential career development. By making new connections, you may even find exciting new opportunities or organisations to work with!

Explore the right certifications for your future

Hiring Managers are likely to require Infrastructure or Cyber Security professionals with certifications, demonstrating commitment to high-level of service as well as proactivity in skillset growth. Alongside this, it expands Infrastructure knowledge leading to reduction of errors in work. Try researching certifications in your specialist field or explore into what the market demands to unravel what types of courses are relevant to growing your career effectively.

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