ESG Policy

This policy outlines our committed to improving areas that we believe will make a meaningful difference to our employees, the environment and our wider society.

At Gravitas Recruitment Group, we recognise the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in our operations and in the broader community. We are committed to integrating ESG principles into our business and the key areas on which we focus. This policy outlines our committed to improving areas that we believe will make a meaningful difference to our employees, the environment and our wider society.

1.    Environmental Sustainability

Gravitas Recruitment Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact by:
a)    Minimising our negative impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, waste generation, and energy consumption.
b)    Striving to adopt eco-friendly practices, such as promoting recycling, reducing paper usage, and conserving water and energy resources.
c)    Encouraging employees to participate in activities that raise awareness and support environmental sustainability initiatives.
d)    Supporting sustainable practices within our supply chain.

2.    Social Responsibility

Gravitas Recruitment Group is committed to creating a positive social impact by:

a)    Ensuring fair and equitable opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.
b)    Fostering an inclusive work environment that values diversity and promotes respect, equality, and non-discrimination.
c)    Supporting community impact initiatives through volunteering, donations, or partnerships with local non-profit organisations.
d)    Encourage employees to engage in social causes and provide support for their participation.

3.    Governance and Ethics

Gravitas Recruitment Group is committed to good corporate governance by:
a)    Complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical practices in the countries where we operate.
b)    Fostering a culture of integrity, honesty, and transparency within the company.
c)    Promote responsible corporate governance by establishing a clear code of conduct, whistleblower policy, anti-corruption & anti-bribery policy, along with mechanisms for reporting unethical behaviour.
d)    Adhering to the highest governance and responsible business practices.

4.    Implementation and Monitoring

a)    ESG considerations will be integrated into our strategic planning, risk management and performance evaluation processes, with ESG forming a key discussion point within the Board meeting agenda.
b)    Continued collaboration with clients to understand and meet their ESG requirements, encouraging sustainable and responsible practices throughout the recruitment process.
c)    Periodic assessments and audits will be conducted to monitor our progress, identify areas for improvements, and ensure compliance with this policy.
d)    This policy will be communicated to all employees, clients, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders, and we will provide training and resources to support its implementation.

5.    Review and Continuous Improvement

a)    We are committed to the continuous improvement of our ESG performance and will seek opportunities to innovate with ambitious sustainability and responsible business practices.
b)    This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness.

By adhering to this ESG policy, Gravitas Recruitment Group aims to create long-term value for our stakeholders, contribute to a more sustainable future, and uphold our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

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