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Are you interested in exploring a rewarding career in Actuarial or taking the next step in your career? Gravitas Group are a trusted partner in Insurance Recruitment, with expertise across General Insurance, Life Insurance, Investment Consulting, Health Insurance, Pensions Consulting and more across Singapore and SEA markets.

Our dedicated consultants provide a personalised service to job seekers in Actuarial, utilising extensive industry knowledge for skillset advice, market updates as well as a personalised service to identify suitable opportunities that help you take a confident step forward in your career. We aim to provide a best-in-class service to all professionals, whether that’s contract, permanent staff, or C-suite. 

We work across Actuarial

We work with Actuarial professionals across Singapore, who provide risk management for insurance consultancies, firms or business, evaluating and measuring the potential impact of risks on a financial basis. 

Combining strong skills in mathematics, statistics, finance and market understanding, we work with Actuaries who assist organisations with their financial strategies, financial health as well as compliance with relevant regulatory requirements. These profressionals keep an active eye on the industry, to anticipate trends, insurance product development and identify what the appropriate rates are for different insurance coverage. 

Our actuarial consultants provide new opportunities to job seekers including:

  • Actuaries
  • Consultants
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Scientists

In-demand Actuarial positions

We provide Insurance recruitment support in the following specialist areas. 


Life Insurance Actuaries develop annuity and policies in life insurance. These policies consider risks including age, gender, life expectancy and health. 
Life insurance Actuaries are responsible for creating and pricing contracts, measuring risk, and delivering financial advice to clients. 

We recruit for the following positions: 

  • Capital & ALM Actuary
  • Model Development Actuary
  • Pricing Actuary
  • Risk Actuary 
  • Valuation Actuary 

Non-Life (General Insurance)

Non-life Insurance oversees Personal Insurance, Reinsurance and large complex direct P&C, Marine, Aviation and specialty risks.

Gravitas commonly recruits for positions across: 

  • Pricing Actuary or Analyst
  • Risk Actuary or Analyst
  • Reserving Actuary or Analyst
  • Capital Actuary or Analyst
  • Consultants

Product Development 

Product Development in Insurance oversee the end-to-end process in the creation of new insurance products. 

A Product Development Manager (or Product Manager) will use their extensive market understanding to identify business opportunities and better customer solutions. They will then collaborate with different teams and stakeholders to create a new product from scratch or improve an existing product to release to market. 

This position is crucial in keeping competitive in the insurance market by proactively looking at market developments and new opportunities for product. 


The Insurance industry has become more data-proficient, providing insurance companies with valuable insights, contributing to better risk evaluation and improvement in decision making. 

Specialist roles in data across insurance include:

  • Data Analyst
  • Research Analyst or Actuary
  • Data Scientist


Actuaries can specialise in pensions provide consultation to trustees and companies in pension scheme management. Administrators or Pension Lawyers will assist Pension Actuaries to confirm secure pension schemes have been achieved, fulfilling the needs of the company and its employees. 

Common job roles are:

  • Pensions Actuary
  • Employee Benefits Actuary
  • Retirement Actuary 


Investment Actuaries are responsible in providing support to clients on their investment activities. They will explore their client’s strategy development and perform an evaluation on what their investment risks are to aid decision-making.

Investment roles that we recruit for are: 

  • Investment Actuary
  • Investment Consultant
  • Investment Risk Actuary


Top tips for an Actuarial career

Expert advice provided by Business Manager, Alexis Loh 

Understand the impact of market trends

The insurance market experiences change regularly, with different trends and regulations impacting the sector each year. Whilst this will affect organisations and how they operate, it will also impact Actuarial roles. By keeping proactively updated on market changes and by maintaining an awareness of industry news, you will be adaptive in your work, underwriting decisions, risk and reporting, reacting accordingly and flexibly. 

A commitment to career development

Perseverance is essential in a successful Actuary career. The average time for an Actuary professional to earn a qualification is four years, which includes a degree and qualification by a recognised Actuary body such as IFoA,  SOA or CAS. Prior to embarking on your career journey, find an specialist area that you are interested in and what companies are best in helping you move your career trajectory forward. 

Interviewing for Actuary positions 

When interviewing for Actuary positions, Hiring Managers are most often interested in how you have overcome challenges and developed stakeholder management skills in your previous workplaces. Using the ‘STAR’ technique is a great method in giving examples of how you have successfully overcome conflict or challenging stakeholders. These examples must show confidence in communication and adaptiveness in creating a positive outcome, so think carefully about what examples showcase these skills effectively. 

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