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Looking to develop your Banking career? Gravitas Group are an expert Banking recruitment agency, striving to help professionals find fantastic opportunities with both local and international Banks in Singapore. 

Operating in niche-specialist markets, our consultants are knowledgeable across Retail, Corporate, and Commercial portfolios, building strong networks of Relationship Managers and other Banking Front Office candidates. We have strong client relationships who even trust us by working on an exclusive basis. Find out about our award-winning services.  

Top Relationship Management jobs in demand  

Retail Relationship Managers 

Retail Relationship Managers play a crucial role in how Banks maintain good lasting relationships and increase client satisfaction with their consumer clients. Relationship Managers will focus on building strong partnership to build trust and reliability, through in-depth discussions with clients to fully understand the client’s needs. By building a partnership, they will be able to deliver a high-quality customer service, to sell or upsell products.  

Relationship Managers will also provide financial advice to help their clients achieve their financial goals and optimise the business’s operations. Therefore, skills in communication and financial market understands are essential for a successful career in retail relationship management.  

Corporate Relationship Managers  

Corporate Relationship Managers will oversee client portfolios for commercial clients, small to medium enterprises, large corporates, and financial institutions. They will maximise business opportunities, identifying new-to-bank opportunities or banking product sales. As they will be managing a diverse range of clients, Corporate Relationship Managers will be adaptive in their approach depending on the client need and ensure optimum business outcomes for each instance. 

As a customer-facing position, similar to Retail Relationship Managers, it is crucial to have excellent customer service skills, built through good communication, problem-solving and attention to detail.  

In Relationship Management positions, necessary CMFAS certifications are also a requirement in Singapore to work in financial services.  

Quick tips to getting hired in Relationship Management 

Professional advice provided by Associate Director, Dietrich Yap


Become an expert in economic trends 

As a dynamic industry, Banking experiences continuous economic change. Successful Relationship Management professions are proactive in emerging market trends, whether that's regional or industry specific. To develop your expertise on the market, implement proactive research into market change or discover useful tools to bring the information to you. For example, LinkedIn and Google Alerts

Are you passionate about relationship building? 

As the main aspect of these roles, relationship management skills are crucial in succeeding in this type of career. By nurturing good relationships, this can increase sales performance as well as successful business outcomes. Every relationship is different, and learning how to adapt to different connections is a step further in delivering great services. 

Innovation is key  

By having an innovative mindset, you can provide a more personalised service to clients. When selling a product, platform, or solution, discover further how you can improve a better outcome for the client’s business. Not only does this show a true high-quality service, but also improves the relationship you create for future reliability.  

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