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Technology has an important responsibility in shaping organisations and their systems, services and processes so they can improve workforce efficiency and make more impact. Ultimately, having a career in IT Transformation and helping these organisations reach these goals can make your work highly interesting and rewarding.

As specialist in Tech recruitment, Gravitas have over 14 years’ experience developing valuable relationships with Financial Service businesses across Singapore, including Asset Management, Banking and Cryptocurrency.

We provide high-quality assistance to help job seekers find roles such as Project Manager, Programme Manager, Product Manager, Business Manager, Change Manager or Business Analyst.

Our clients desire IT Transformation professionals across specialist areas including:

Business Analysts

Business Analysts are a key role in analysing and evaluating an organisation’s current processes, systems and operating models, identifying where there can be improvement in efficiency, customer experience and revenue.

Whilst Business Analysts differentiate in organisations in the team they will sit within, common types are:

  • IT Business Analyst

  • Business Process Analyst

  • Process Architect

  • Business Architect

A Business Analyst skillset will include competence in requirements gathering, stakeholder management, process mapping and documentation. Their skillset can be enhanced by achieving certifications in methodologies such as Agile and Lean Six Sigma, and often these certifications are more attractive to Hiring Managers.

Project & Programme Managers

Project Managers or Programme Managers will have a crucial responsibility to oversee project progression, ensuring delivery success. They will use various techniques, tools, processes and methods to manage development, align expectations and improve communication between all parties involved. Therefore, fantastic communication and relationship management are key to succeeding in these roles. 

Common roles in these areas are: 

  • Project Manager 

  • Programme Manager / Director

  • PMO Manager

  • Delivery Manager

  • SCRUM Master  

  • Transformation Manager  

Some organisations may prefer to hire Project or Programme Managers who are competent with Prince 2 or Agile methodologies if they are using these methods in the development of their projects.

Change Managers

During a time of transformation, organisations will require Change Managers to support employees and stakeholders feel comfortable with the introduction of new systems, services or processes, to establish a maximum return on investment. Change Managers will often have competencies in change principles and methodologies.

Hiring Managers will often hire Change Managers such as: 

  • Business Change Analyst

  • Change Manager

  • Head of Change

  • Communications Lead

To succeed in this role, effective communication is essential, to build trust across stakeholders and business leaders as they buy-in to the change being implemented.

Product Manager & Product Owners

Product Managers and Product Owners have expertise across the product lifecycle. They will help across the product end-to-end process, by initially creating product vision based on business needs and then help production of the product. In the IT space, they will use market knowledge to uncover business opportunities in potential digital products, services, or software.

Product Managers and Product Owners will collaborate across different teams, such as Developer or Architects to communicate the product roadmap and define the overall goal.

Business Manager

Business Managers will work to oversee the front office and the sales business operation, ensuring workforce productivity is high and efficient. In Finance, many Business Managers will have background experience in operations and finance, or perhaps have taken a step down from a Sales or Trader position.

As a customer-facing position, they will be responsible for communication with external regulators and traders on the business's activities, operation workflows and budget forecasting.

Top tips for developing a career in Change & Transformation

Expert advice from Associate Director, Dietrich Yap


Stakeholder management

Not all stakeholders will be the same, with some relationships being more manageable than others. Stakeholder management is a skill that is learned over time, by taking away learns and experience through each business connection you make. Take time in learning various techniques and how to adaptive in different situations to truly create a great working relationship with any stakeholder.

Be passionate

IT Transformation positions are people centric. You will be expected to collaborate with a broad range of employees, managers, and stakeholders every day, bringing them along on a journey of transformation. Be passionate about what you do – enthusiasm and engagement will make it a positive experience for those you interact with, as well as in your own experience!

Where can I be a specialist?

In IT Transformation, you must have a broad range of understanding about your organisation’s IT roadmap and its activities, services, software, and products. By being proactive in your interests, you will be able to leverage your wide knowledge and develop great relationships across the business, knowing technical acumen and how to gain their buy in into new projects i.e. learning how a new service will benefit their work.

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