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Is it time to take a leap and explore what the jobs market has to offer? We can help! As Banking recruitment specialists, Gravitas have built a fantastic network of industry-leading organisations, firms, and Banks across the Singapore region. Our consultants operate in niche specialist teams to identify top talent in specific areas, including Audit, Risk & Compliance.  

We provide services to job seekers in Internal Audit, Compliance across Regulatory, General, Financial Crime, Surveillance, IBD, Control Room and Markets, as well as Risk Management in Market, Credit, Operational, Technology, Enterprise, Climate and Investment. Whether you are junior, management or C-Suite level, explore how we can help you on your career journey. 

Compliance jobs in demand

Financial Crime Compliance

Financial Crime Compliance professionals are crucial in protecting Banks from events such like fraud, money laundering and bribery. They will ensure secure transactions are aligned with internal and external regulatory requirements. Acting as subject matter experts, many Financial Crime professionals have a law enforcement background, such as previous work in the police force or ICAC, applying this knowledge in monitoring activity and enforcing compliance.  

There has been a growth in Cryptocurrency and Fintech as the Finance industry is impacted by technology transformation. Whilst processes become more digitalised, and cryptocurrency regulations become more secure, Financial Crime Compliance is more importance than ever.

Regulatory Compliance 

Working with Banks, firms and businesses, regulatory compliance specialists will oversee compliance with regulatory requirements (i.e. SFC and HKMA). They will have responsibilities in enforcing procedures or processes that are compliant, whilst discussing with regulators. They must have a strong understanding of regulatory requirements, and these may affect individual businesses.  

Similar to Financial Crime Compliance, Cryptocurrency and Fintech have growth in the Finance industry. As organisations embrace digitalisation and introduction of these areas, there is a further demand in hiring subject matter experts who can help with the change of regulations and when obtaining new licenses.

Risk jobs in demand

Credit Risk

In a Credit Risk process, there will be in-depth assessment and evaluation on a client’s financial situation and credit, to determine loan request approval. Following this process, Credit Risk will be proposed to management. Credit Risk specialists are responsible in managing compliance in pre-trade and post-trade. 

Investment Banks, Retail Banks and Commercial Banks are actively seeking assistance from Credit Risk professionals to provide expertise across these processes. This is becoming more important as more transactions are made overtime as well as becoming more complex.  

Technology Risk

Importance in managing technology risk has grown significantly in the Banking industry. An increase in automation, online banking and digital documentation processes has also enhanced risk in cyber-attacks such as data breaches. Banking organisations are demanding specialists in evaluating technology risk and implementing suitable procedures to improve security. Therefore, it is advantageous to have technology knowledge in Cyber Security to assess risk as well as liaise with stakeholder where they could make improvements.  

Climate Risk

Environment, social and governance (ESG) standards have introduced new regulations to Banking organisations, causing a change to their internal frameworks. As a new topic, Climate Risk professionals are responsible for guiding organisations in how to ensure compliance with regulations, raising awareness, assisting in policy change, achieving sustainability goals as well as helping the business adapt to transformation.

Top tips for a career in Audit, Risk & Compliance 

Expert advice from Associate Director, Dietrich Yap


What impact have you made in your previous workplaces? 

How can you make a great first impression? By making sure your cover letter, CV or even LinkedIn profile demonstrates your experience effectively. More specifically, Hiring Managers want to know the impact you made in your previous workplaces and how you can be an asset to the team.

If you find writing about your career history a challenging task, whilst you are writing keep questioning yourself “Is everything I am writing down relevant to future managers?” 

Qualifications make all the difference 

There are a variety of qualifications in Audit, Risk and Compliance, that Hiring Managers will be attracted to when finding new talent on the market. This depends on which specialist area you would like to go into when you embark on your career development plan. For instance, demonstratable experience in compliance may be shown by qualifications of CAMS or ACAM.

More specialist qualifications may be FCC for financial crime risk, or CISSP or CISA for technology risk professionals.  

Stakeholder management

Compliance and risk positions require good communication skills and stakeholder management. You will be expected to liaise across clients, stakeholders and internal team members. It’s often for Hiring Managers to add ‘stakeholder management skills’ to job descriptions as an essential skill, as these roles are expected to provide guidance, advice, as well as implement new procedures and objectives for the benefit of the business.

If you are selected for interview, be prepared with examples of how you have handled challenging stakeholders so you can display situation-handling skills and negotiation. 

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