Dietrich Yap

I think that Gravitas is a meritocracy and people at any stage in their careers can join and succeed here if they want to.  Age is not a gauge of success in this company.

It is fantastic as anAssociate Director in Client Solutions to see consultants grow into experts and develop industry contacts that inevitably change the business landscape around them. I get great joy when I can help people develop and hone their skills, some of which they didn’t even know they had and Gravitas is a great place to find to find out your strengths and weaknesses.

In terms of the core values, given the job we do; it is important to have respect for your candidates and clients alike. We can be influential in the business and career decisions they make, so basic respect of why they would want to partner with us is essential.  Respect for people that work around you is also vital to help you grow professionally.